Get ready to celebrate Eid with our Halal Dark Chocolate Bonbons

We crafted this unique Eid gift of 8 or 12 Halal Chocolate bonbons, in collaboration with local artist Fatima Padela.

Our Halal chocolate bonbons are made of a thin dark chocolate shell, filled with our signature praliné and contain no animal products or coloring.

The praliné itself contained in our bonbons is made only of almond, hazelnut and caramel (melted sugar).
A perfect Halal Eid treat to enjoy with your family and friends. 

Get delivered quickly in the Seattle area and we also ship fast to any US destinations

Order your Eid gift online and pickup in our Redmond kitchen or our Kirkland location.
If you can not pick it up, no problem, we also ship our chocolates all over the US, so you can send your love to family and friends in no time.
They are the perfect way to indulge in something sweet while staying true to your dietary needs with a low-fat treat.


To know more about artist Fatima Padela: 

Her work as a henna artist has greatly influenced her style. She continues to draw inspiration from Arabic calligraphy and her Pakistani heritage. Fatima lives in the Greater Seattle Area with her husband and three young children. She enjoys experimenting with different artistic mediums and going on adventures with her family. Check out her Islamic-themed coloring book Color my Deen on Amazon and follow her on Instagram.